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Summing Up


“Give me a place to stand and a lever long enough, and I will move the world” (Shirky, 2008). I truly love this quote. Originally scripted by Archimedes, but today applicable to the technological advances of a generation well connected. From the onset of this journey of study, we have looked at the effect that technology has on our lives. The first challenge faced was whether the scourge of available technologies was enough to allow every person on the planet to take advantage of the benefits of this powerful lever. I feel that technology has a far-reaching effect, but certainly, there are many who do not have the opportunity to harness its benefits. It is here at the beginning that we as leaders find our first opportunity to make a difference. Click Here And Read More


Even Jules Verne Would Be Shocked

I often wonder what it would be like if we could bring Abraham Lincoln back from the grave (not in zombie form), and turn him loose in Washington D.C. or New York City. How would he view our world? In the times of Lincoln, much later actually, novelists like Jules Verne described what their idea of the future might look like. Certainly, Verne believed that this future was far beyond his lifetime, because he could not even imagine a Newscast being any closer than the year 2889 (8 Jules verne inventions that came true, 2011). Verne (2011) described, “Instead of being printed, the Earth Chronicle is every morning spoken to subscribers, who, from interesting conversations with reporters, statesmen and scientists, learn the news of the day.” A mere 30 years later in 1920 the vision of Verne came to life (8 Jules verne inventions that came true, 2011).

Looking back at our past, we can see that wild ideas and lofty dreams are not merely relegated to science fiction, but advancing technology has made them realities. Rockets to the Moon, rovers on Mars, the ability to spy from space, all fictional ponderings of the past made reality today. The question today is not, “can our imaginative dreams come true,” but “when will our ideas become reality.” Click Here To Read On


The Ethics of Technology: Privacy

The-future-of-privacy“If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself” (Orwell, 1949). The issue of ethics and privacy in the age of great technological advance is not a new idea, but has been around for a very long time. Even before computers were the talk of the day, the battle for privacy was at an all-time high. Fact is, the more you know about a person and their habits, the more you can manipulate the way a person thinks and acts. For instance, by using your loyalty card at your local gas station the company can develop product advertisements geared especially to your interests. While this manipulative mastery seems harmless enough, the idea behind it is far more concerning. On a larger scale, your private information can be used to keep you in a controlled environment. Click Here: If You Dare


The Advantages of Networking

networkingThe jobs available to most workers today are certainly different from those available to workers in past generations. The shift in today’s workforce is toward white-collar jobs and service employment. Unskilled labor is declining, and machines that have need of nothing but a little maintenance from time to time do many of the most tiresome jobs (Atchison, Belcher, & Thomsen, 2014). Click Here to Learn More…


The Thoughtful Leader

Every generation has faced the inevitability of economic change (Coming to an office near you, 2014). Though history does not give us any indication of how the wheel devastated the prehistoric working class, we can certainly see its dynamic effects on the generations that would follow. A family of cave dwellers could now move stones that once took a village to move. Thus, prehistoric man industrialized the need to evolve into a more productive group by using the very invention that put them out of work to develop a niche that would put them right back into the food chain. The fact is that change is the engine that drives economic development, and the fuel is technology. The invention of the wheel gave life to movement in prehistoric times in the same way that the Internet has paved the way for globalization and service economies. Transform Your Mind…Read On


Knowledge management viewpoint

“How we conceptualize knowledge greatly impacts the way we design our KM systems and strategies” (Dixon, 2009). Knowledge management can be viewed in terms of how knowledge is shared, developed and conceptualized. Knowledge is not always truth in some respects, thus the ability to manage knowledge effectively determines the value of the asset. The advent of Web 2.0 has allowed a multitude of people to express themselves in a multiplicity of ways (Shirky, 2009). That said, the resulting management paradigm has been turned upside-down in an effort to afford this new knowledge base.

Filter – Then Publish Click Here To Get Your Knowledge On


videotubeIn our week two posts, we are reviewing a web-based tool and how it is used in a leadership situation. The tool that I am researching is YouTube. YouTube is an excellent web based tool that allows the user to place videos online. These videos can be on a variety of subjects and viewers around the world can watch them and in some cases interact with them.

Uses in Business Settings Read On


The World is Flat the World is Spiky

This is my first post relating to my IDL 831 Leadership and Technologies Class. Those of you who are taking this exciting course with me understand this, but we must also realize that these posts have the potential of be seen by countless millions of people all around the world. This knowledge is supported by the fact that the Internet, on which this page of information is being posted, has the potential to reach the outermost fringes of our world. Thus, what we blog here in this relatively small cyber classroom has the potential to affect the masses. I therefore direct my thoughts inwardly that I might learn from you, and outwardly, that I may share our collective thoughts with those whom, though invisible to me, may be giants in their own realm of influence.

Is The World Flat or Spikey [click to continue…]


IDL 831 Leadership and Technology

As I continue to pursue my Doctorate at Creighton University, I have been asked to set up a blog where all my posts for the class will be entered. This is a test post for that purpose.

Critically yours,

Jay Prewitt


Rabbit TV: A Critical Review

rabbit-tv-usbCable TV is becoming increasingly more expensive. There is a reason for this phenomina, cable and satalite companies have to pay for the rights to major broadcasts so they can feed them to their millions of viewers. As the cost increases to them, they pass them along to the customer; in this case, you. There are many companies that offer alternatives to the high costs associated with satilite and cable, but most of them I have been a little leary of trying. The other day, I ran across a television commercial that provided an interesting option. It was a commercial for Rabbit TV, and I immediatly went to a local store to check out their “As Seen On TV” products. Sure enough, there it was, for only 10 dollars, so I bought it.

So What Is Rabbit TV Click Here To Learn More