Rabbit TV: A Critical Review

rabbit-tv-usbCable TV is becoming increasingly more expensive. There is a reason for this phenomina, cable and satalite companies have to pay for the rights to major broadcasts so they can feed them to their millions of viewers. As the cost increases to them, they pass them along to the customer; in this case, you. There are many companies that offer alternatives to the high costs associated with satilite and cable, but most of them I have been a little leary of trying. The other day, I ran across a television commercial that provided an interesting option. It was a commercial for Rabbit TV, and I immediatly went to a local store to check out their “As Seen On TV” products. Sure enough, there it was, for only 10 dollars, so I bought it.

So What Is Rabbit TV

Rabbit TV is a USB device that plugs into any computer (PC or Mac) and connects you to Rabbit TV’s web-based guide service that helps you find and watch live and on-demand video from all over the Internet, whether it’s TV episodes, movies, sports, news, music videos, whatever. The USB only acts as a key to the Rabbit TV Guide – it does not install any software, but rather ensures that the user is a Rabbit TV member before granting him or her access to Rabbit TV.

A Comprehensive Digital Media Guide

Rabbit TV is a guide to watching TV online (by TV here I mean everything you would watch on TV, plus a lot more). The Rabbit TV system searches, updates, categorizes, recommends, and manages over 2 million videos daily, organizing a huge amount of high-quality content into a simple, easy-to-use interface that connects you with the content you want in the fastest way possible. Rabbit TV doesn’t own or host any of the content it links to, so it can’t provide you with the same exact experience you get with Comcast or DirecTV for free, but it does have more than enough content to keep you occupied, including thousands of full episodes from the most popular TV networks (the same ones you watch on cable), hundreds of movie libraries, live sports streams (including NFL, NBA, etc.), news programs and more. Rabbit TV even provides complete cord-cutting solutions to fill in the content gaps with quality, affordable companion products and services. If you’re willing to make the transition, you’ll quickly find how much money you can save on cable and satellite bills while still getting all the entertainment you could ever want.

So How Can You Save

The best way to use Rabbit TV is to keep basic cable, and get your cable entertainment through the media provided by Rabbit TV’s servers. Keeping basic cable allows you to maintain your discount for Internet service, which you will need if you are going to use Rabbit TV. You can hook your computer through your television using an HDMI cable so that you can watch the streams on the big screen. For the most part this works great. You can save a good deal of money, and be able to watch pretty much anything you want.

Critically yours,
Jay Prewitt

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